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What is the way to understand when the website is down? Find out the 5 things to do!

Usually, when our website is down, we immediately call the hosting company. Then I ask one complaint or question after another. For example: 1) My site is down 2) Database error is displayed 3) Site won’t open 4) Is your server hacked? 5) What server do you use? The sister website is down, etc.

But most of the time this may not be true. (If you accept hosting service from a low-quality hosting company, you have to face these problems.) However, it is often seen that due to various minor issues, the client is unable to open their own site. For example, when a customer uses the wrong username and password when logging into your cPanel, and if repeated, your IP will be blocked by the firewall. As a result, you cannot visit the site. Or you may not be able to visit the site because some other client has shared an IP as a result of having shared hosting. Because another client may have tried to login with this same IP. Also, your site may not be visible due to a DNS issue from your ISP or domain expiration.

However, how do you make sure your site is down? Let’s see 5 things to do!

1) Internet connection
Disconnect your used internet connection first and try again after some time. If your computer’s IP is blocked by doing this, the IP will change because it’s a dynamic IP and I hope you can see your site.

2) Proxy server
To find out if the website is really down, you can check with a proxy server or other ISP connection if necessary. Does your site open? For example, DownForEveryOneOrJustMe, go to this site and check your site again. Only then will you be able to understand if your website is up or down.

3) Maintenance notice
Hosting companies often maintain their servers to update their services and services. In this case, they send maintenance notices to customer emails. At the same time, they reported about it through a post on the official social media site. So check your email to see if the hosting company has sent any maintenance notices. Or check the company’s official social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

4) Support ticket or email
If your site is not open yet, please post a support ticket on the hosting provider’s website or send a message to the contact email provided by them. Call if you have a contact phone number. But at the beginning of the phone do not speak harshly or insults. First tell the hosting company’s support agents your domain name, and then tell them you can’t browse their site. Because a hosting company can have many servers and no one can say server or down if you don’t say your domain name. And speak a fancy language).

5) Update
Wait a moment for details on how long it will take. If it is too late to get the update, please respond in courteous language or request the update by calling the phone number provided.

Good words are an example of a good person. So if for some reason your website is not working, try to know everything. Never speak harshly, insult or annoy the staff of a hosting company without knowing it. Also, if the server is down due to an unwanted DDoS attack, please don’t call back after 5-6 minutes or go to live chat and ask again how long it will take for your server to recover. This is because if they respond to frequent tickets or phone calls from customers, the server will go down and increase downtime.

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